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Copyright Policy

What can you do here with the works of others?

All original artwork, text and photography is the property of and cannot be reproduced without the written permission of the webmaster of this site. There are a number of sites that scan the works of other people and present them, usually in .pdf format, that are violating the copyright policy of the very creators of the work. If you do not have expressed written concent to reporduce the work of Walter Russell, then you are in violation of the copyright policy that is listed in the first few pages of each document. That is why we will not permit any linking to these sites until they seek and obtain permission from Linking to their documents is out of the quetion.

We have received expressed written approval from to post excerpts from Walter Russell's work. All excerpts published here will be in accord with that written permission.

Just a note on obtaining permission from us. That should be no problem as long as it is clear that you intend to use it to spread the word of Walter Russell. While we do not have much to share, we will do so gladly. We are here to spread the idea of the work of Walter Russell and that is what we will do. Please ask if you are interested.

That is our Copyright Policy.